Thursday, January 22, 2015

Move On and Trauma

 Move On and Trauma

 Moving on from the past is not easy. But is a must. 
 Stop sweating yourself with something that no longer exists in your life either for your future. Start to live the life, Present. Now. 
 Everything happens for a reason. Good or bad that was, have a little faith in yourself.
 Move on, before your past destroy your future, stop wasting your time, embrace your life now. Seek the beauty around you, spend more time with people that truly care and love you.
 Believe and imagine how beautiful your life are going to be in the next 5years.. Or even next year. Because your life time is precious. We can't turn back time.. So, As long as you start to believe in yourself and do the right things, things will fall right in place. :) 

 Everybody has mistakes and regrets in life, and that makes a person, a human. Forgive yourself and forgive people that hurt you. All of us make mistakes, just don't do it again. There's nothing too late.. Not even a thing, we dont know what might happen tomorrow. So, start to leave the past, it's where it belongs. Past. Cheer up and have a life, live happily.. <3


 It is scary, it is hurt. And No... Sometimes we don't even want to talk about it. Just by accidentally remembering it, it scares us.
 Leave your sadness behind, life is too short for that. And you have to remember a thing that, nobody can forces you to be brave, to be strong, to start again, to live again. Sometimes, you have to be your own hero. Wake up, and dream a new dream. A whole new world is waiting for you out there. Socialize, try something new. Leave your routine, start again. It's time for you to get up and leave the comfort zone.
 You can live your life to the fullest! Once you have left the bad memories that hold you back, you will be stronger than you ever be! 
 Life will give you a reward for your hardwork, and patient. Believe in yourself. Be grateful. Life can be so much better when you have yourself and being grateful for your life. 

  •  If you have kids, love them, see how their innocent can change your day..:)
  •  If you feel depressed from your breakup, move on and start again, share your feelings with your family or bestfriends. They will support you..:) 
  •  If you are a guy and you just lost your job, don't give up. Your family needs you, smile for another day that's given to you. Work hard will never betrays you, if it doesnt work out for now, doesn't mean it stays the same forever. 'This too shall pass' :)
  •  If you just had a very bad day, and reading this, cheer up :) because you will have to wake up with your grin lovely face tomorrow, knowing that your life have to be better everyday. Count your blessings :)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Writing To Express The Feelings

New Life, New Beginning, I am happier now, Happier than I ever be, Trade your past with your future. I am Living my beautiful life. Nothing can stop me from being happy, I have the control of myself. Eager for the best everyday, Grateful of who and what I am. I Love Myself and My Family <3
Do you write to express your feelings? I do. 
Do you really write out your feelings? or you do a reframing by writing? I do both. and I used to write for reframing myself. In positive ways, because It was really a reframing not lying to myself.  
That note,  New Life, New Beginning... I wrote it years ago, I was depressed by some reasons.
 I can't remember since when I love writing to express my feelings. Maybe, it's because I'm an Introvert, or It was just because I had boring classes at school. lol.
 It became my habits. I enjoy writing so much. I feel better everytime I done writing. I can wrote 5 pages or more, as long as I feel like writing. 
 Maybe I was too naive, to do a reframing all the time. Until I graduated, I don't have much time or even leisure time to write. But recently, I start writing again. 

 This time, I write about my true feelings, how I really feel. and after writing them, I write to reframing. I prefer the way I write it now.

 I wonder if people do the same as I do. Try :)
I used to hate writing, reading, studying, until I tried. and I tried by myself, gut feelings maybe? lol.
I also used to write on everywhere. and I didn't collect them. My friends suggested me to start writing on a book, they love my writing. Everytime I neglect my writings, they collect them. lol.
well, I love it, I love writing, is not an addiction, but writing doesn't hurt anybody, It helps you to understand yourself more. To know what's exactly your heart feelings, your mind sayings.

It can help you to find yourself. To be a better person. To forgive yourself, To deal with your angers, and depressions. Moreover, It helps you to record your chapter of life. Your happiness, your own motivation, your sadness, Your Life.

It's okay to be not okay, as long as you know when to stop and move on from your sadness.
Sometimes, I forgot to write when I'm happy, because I don't bring books with me all the time. It's fine, because I still have that happiness in my memories. :)

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Sunday, January 11, 2015


 All of us clearly know about a quote saying 'trust is like a paper' , and that quote is so true. 

 We have nightmares, bad experiences. We have been lied by people. They can be anybody, and the lies can be either small or big lies.
 Why do people lie? Is the answer really important? All of us, we ever lied. For good or even bad, conscious or unconsciously.
 But, what happen when it comes to a relationship? What happen when your lover lie to you? What if its a big lies? What if its a small lies? How do you define the big and the small lies?
 Honestly, lying is bad. None of them started good. None. Even if its for goodness, still.. Lying is bad. 

 When he/she lied to you, remember, you worth more than this. Small lies might lead to big lies. And why would your lover lied to you? Does it has to do with their personality? I'm not saying that you have to leave people that lied to you,because it depends on the case you were in. But, remember that your life is precious. We only have one life. Embrace your life. Seek the beauty of it. This too shall pass <3

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 There are two feelings, conscious feeling and unconscious feeling.
We can feel happy and sad, either conscious or unconsciously.

 I decided to make a blog about feelings for people to share their feelings that left unspoken either to share to each other their problems and how they feel about it.

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