Sunday, January 11, 2015


 All of us clearly know about a quote saying 'trust is like a paper' , and that quote is so true. 

 We have nightmares, bad experiences. We have been lied by people. They can be anybody, and the lies can be either small or big lies.
 Why do people lie? Is the answer really important? All of us, we ever lied. For good or even bad, conscious or unconsciously.
 But, what happen when it comes to a relationship? What happen when your lover lie to you? What if its a big lies? What if its a small lies? How do you define the big and the small lies?
 Honestly, lying is bad. None of them started good. None. Even if its for goodness, still.. Lying is bad. 

 When he/she lied to you, remember, you worth more than this. Small lies might lead to big lies. And why would your lover lied to you? Does it has to do with their personality? I'm not saying that you have to leave people that lied to you,because it depends on the case you were in. But, remember that your life is precious. We only have one life. Embrace your life. Seek the beauty of it. This too shall pass <3

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